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New for 2008!

The new Sirocco with optional 10" rims at Ivanpah Dry Lake (Left)   The Sirocco X with the full suspension (Right)


Sirocco Specs:

There are 2 models available:  Standard and a Full Suspension version!

Standard is great if you are planning on being on pavement or in very smooth parks. It relies on a certain amount of flex in the main beam and give in the tires to soak up the bumps.  


Full suspension will do either pavement or within reason fields, parks etc.  It relies on an in-house built suspension fork and a shock strut arm system on the rear.  As an added bonus the rear suspension allows for extra careful alignment of the rear wheels or blades and rapid adjustment of shock stiffness for different conditions.


Blades will fit on either version for ice.  The performance of the Sirocco on ice is a tic slower than the DN and it will sail away from boats like the Skimmer.  Additionally we have introduced studded tires.  Great for those lakes where the ice is too rough for blades.



Both models feature: 

  • Powdercoated Aluminum Frames

  • 3 Piece  Mast

  • Fully Battened Sails

  • Front Wheel Band Brake

  • 4 Ply Tires

  • Precision Bearings

  • Harken Blocks

  • Adjustable Foot Pedals

  • Set up in about 10 minutes!

  • Comprehensive Manual

  • 1 year limited warrantee

Length: 8'

Width: 6'6"

Sail Area: 56 sq ft

Mast Height: 16'

Weight  95#s Std 105#s Full Suspension

Construction: Tig welded aluminum frame which is then hard coat anodized.  Bolts and some of the axle and suspension components are steel.


Sirocco-S Standard

Suggested MSRP  $2895.00                                                               

Sirocco-X Full Suspension

Suggested MSRP  $3495.00               


Sirocco/ Sirocco - Options


4.2 Meter Heavy Air Sail Sirocco

Suggested MSRP  $400.00     

5.2 Meter Sail for Sirocco Twin

Suggested MSRP  $500.00     

Sirocco Blade Kit with Chocks

Suggested MSRP  $475.00     


Beach Tires (18 x 6) (Substituted for the standard tires)

            Suggested MSRP  $150.00     

Beach Tires and Rims

            Suggested MSRP  $366.00     


   40% Carbon Mast Sirocco or Sirocco X

            Suggested MSRP $225.00      

  This is a hard mast to tune.  If you are not a large strong individual, we recommend skipping this option.


  Balloon tire shown next to the std twin.




NEW! -  We are getting a new package ready for disabled sailors.  It switches the steering to a single axis joy stick and has some added pads and restraints for the lower body.  If you are interested in this model, please contact the factory.

Sail Colours:Red, Blue Yellow Accent

Seat  Colour: Black

For folks over 200#s you can now order a heavier duty rear strut for your Sirocco for $25.00 at the time of order or if you would like to retrofit your boat $50.00.


CD Rom with 24 minute preview video $7.50

(Includes shipping by priority mail in the US. Price refundable with the purchase of a new Sirocco)

Call 888-461-9463 to order


(If you are interested in purchasing a Sirocco, please read the sections below.)

On Safety:  We have had the Sirocco up to speeds of 45 mph in some of our tests on pavement.  Obviously anything that can go this fast has the potential for causing serious injury, maiming or death either to the pilot or a 3rd party.  If you are considering purchasing a Sirocco you should be aware of the following.

While the Sirocco is fun it is not a toy.  Please be safe.  Read and follow all the instructions and warnings that come in the booklet with your Sirocco.  As you are learning, build your skills.  Do not take the land sailor out for the first time in 20 kts of wind.  Also - WEAR A HELMET!  The Sirocco is very stable, but nothing is immune from roll over under the right conditions. 

Always wear a DOT certified motorcycle helmet, gloves and the proper footwear. 

You need to carefully check any area for surface irregularities ie. pot holes or drains that could cause your cart to flip.

You should check the area for low power or phone lines.  The mast is an EXCELLENT electrical conductor.

The Sirocco itself should be carefully checked for any problems ie cracked welds or missing cotter pins every time you sail.  While most failures are not likely to create serious problems, they will certainly wreck you day.

Always pilot your land sailor with control.

 Do not ride where there is traffic.  You will not win a battle with a car.

Be aware of any obstacles in the area ie. light poles or trees

 Do not ride where there are pedestrians, joggers etc.  

Please tread lightly.  If we as pilots are discourteous or tear up parks and beaches the powers that be  will simply ban us from these areas.



Knowingly, and at my own risk, I am aware that use of the Sirocco Land Sailor exposes me to hazards that may result in injury and death, and also injury to third persons and damage to their personal possessions.

I understand that the Sirocco Land Sailer is capable of dangerous speeds and that a helmet certifiable for motorcycle road use must be worn at all times. I further understand that the user must be vigilant to see that the Land Sailer is under control at all times, even when empty. This requires when the land sailor is standing empty, ready for use, that the Sirocco be left on it's side. The primary means of controlling the speed of the land sailor when in motion is the position of the mainsail, and the vehicle should be brought to a stop primarily by pushing the mainsail to windward, supplemented with judicious use of the handbrake. Like similar vehicles the land sailor will tend to tip in high winds. The mainsail sheet should be eased as soon as the tendency to tip is observed.

I understand further that it is my obligation to fully inspect the ground/course over which the land sailor will be sailed, to ascertain that there is no obstacle, such as curbs, potholes, or other characteristic of the terrain that would render its use hazardous. In that the land sailor mast extends vertically to a height of 15 feet, care must also be taken to take account of, and avoid, such hazards overhead as tree limbs and power lines.

I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Wind Line International, and any entity or individual ever associated with Wind Line International, including sponsors and retail organizations, from any and all liability, causes of action, claims, demands, costs or debts of any kind or nature, incurred or arising from or out of my or other's use of the Sirocco Land Sailor on land or ice, whether brought by me, my heirs, executors or assigns, or by third parties.

Non-Legalese Translation:

Be careful!

 If you hit something or somebody, electrocute yourself, get run down on the highway or otherwise do something careless or stupid that hurts you as a pilot or a bystander, we don't want to hear about it.  Darwin refers to this process as "natural selection". 

Follow this link for examples of the above kind of actions.