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The Sirocco, Sirocco Sprint, and Sirocco Twin - Great Fun, Outstanding Performance

Sirocco land sailers offer incredible performance in one small package.  Ruggedly engineered for long life and high performance yet small and nimble enough for a high school parking lot or soccer field.   Sets up from and easy to transport package in  under 10 minutes with no tools for adrenalin pumping fun.  Add the blade pack or studded tires and you are ready to tackle that frozen lake.

 The Sirocco is manufactured with pride in the USA!

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Meet at  Ivanpah Dry Lake - March 28 - 30

Spring Rally West

Directions:  West side

Take I15 either south from Vegas (or North from CA) to exit 1 on the Nevada side of the state line. All the hotels are at this exit, right next to the highway. Exit and go to the west side. (Whiskey Pete's)  Follow the signs back to the parking garage and continue past it to the back of the parking lot where the semis are parked. You will see a dirt road running off along the north side of the lake.  Head out and follow the second left split to the edge of the playa.  Generally we should be visible from the time you get to the back of the parking lot.

UPDATE- The west side now has a fence between the hotel parking lot and the road going to the lake.  The gate is supposed to be un-locked.  I will have a "universal key" with me if needed.  Open the gate and follow the road out.  take the left fork.  There is a parking area marked with 4 white posts on the edge of the Playa.  Park in the area they define, not on the gravel like we used to.

Directions:  East Side

Exit the I 15 at the Primm exit.  Take the frontage road south along the outlet mall and past the lotto store on the south end.  The entrance to the playa is just past the lotto store.   Follow the road alongside the playa.  Generally we try and stay about 1/2 mile north of the main nalsa encampment.


Primm, NV - There are 3 hotels at state line. All 3 are run by the same group and can be reached at 800 - FUN - STOP. All will average between $30 and $40 bucks a night for the duration of the event. All 3 are basically right next to the sailing area.  We have found good rates by booking through  Book on line if you can.  It is always cheaper.

Sirocco Rallies are pretty informal.  We meet for a few days to tear it up and have fun.  We may or may not set some cones and do some informal racing.  No wind, we tend to fly RC airplanes and sit around and gam.  It also gives me a chance to do some coaching and teaching and a chance to meet and hang out with the Sirocco owners.  Please come and join us.



bullet Video from New York City

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Sirocco Land Sailing FAQ

Below are answers to questions both about land sailing in general and the Sirocco in specific.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please give feel free to Email me.

Exactly what is a land sailor?  

The easiest description is that it is a 3 wheeled, wind powered go-kart.

How Difficult is land sailing?

Not difficult at all.  If you sail already it is dead easy to learn, however we have put people with no experience whatsoever in a sailboat in the Sirocco and have taught them the basics in less than an hour.  We include a really good manual with the Sirocco that will teach you to land sail and a CD-Rom is on the way.  

How fast does it go?

I have had the Sirocco to verified speeds of 55mph.  That is we had a GPS mounted that was tracking speed.  We have gone a little faster and were able to check the speed from video footage.  Plenty fast enough when your butt is 6" off the ground and more than fast enough to hurt if you hit something. 

Where can I sail?

On any hard firm surface of reasonable size.  We run on all kinds of surfaces - grass, gravel, dirt, pavement.  The main thing is that the surface is hard and free from friction.  You can run in a park, but if the grass is thick and long you may have trouble.

How much space do I need?

We run the Sirocco quite comfortably in parking lots as small as 40 x 100 yards (the Sprint will do even smaller spaces) and parks as small as a couple of baseball or soccer fields.  We are able to do this because the Sirocco is small, nimble, has a brake and a rig that can be powered down or changed to a smaller sail.

How physical is land sailing?

Not very.  You don't need to be big or strong to land sail.  The Sirocco will accommodate people as small as 100 lbs and 5'2" and as large as 6'4" and 250 pounds.  It will not hurt your back or knees and you don't need to be overly mobile.

How dangerous is land sailing?

If you are reasonably careful it's not any more dangerous than cross country bike riding.  Wear a helmet and heed the warnings included in the manual.   The Sirocco is capable of speeds above 40 mph on pavement.  If you hit something at that kind of speed you might get hurt or killed or hurt a 3rd party.  Like any other vehicle you need to exercise some good judgment.  I  will say that the worst injury we had in testing was a badly scraped hand that I got by doing something STUPID!

Does the Sirocco tip over?

Yes it is possible to tip it over.  It is not all that easy to do and in a year of testing nobody tipped one over accidentally even when they didn't know what they were doing.  I tipped it over twice on grass intentionally to see what would happen.  It didn't feel good and on pavement would have caused some road rash.  The Sirocco rig de-powers very quickly and that is part of its' design, that means that you can bring a wheel down quickly and easily if you feel you are angled up too high.