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Welcome to the world of the Sirocco family of land sailers. 

All Siroccos are hand built in our facility to exacting standards of performance and quality.  Whether you just want to hit the local parking lot, fly across a frozen lake or run for miles down a dry lake bed, we make a boat for you.  While each model is designed to cater to a slightly different audience, every Sirocco has some things in common.

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Disassembles for ease of transport.  Assembles in 10 minutes with no tools. The entire Sirocco line can be fitted with blades or studded tires for ice. Factory sponsored Owner's events are held regularly.  Come and sail with us. Learning to assemble and sail the Sirocco is a snap with our comprehensive manuals. The Sirocco is the perfect recreational vehicle for children of all ages. All Sirocco land sailers come with a brake as standard equipment. Foot steering is standard, adjustable for leg length.  We custom build hand steered boats for people with physical disabilities. All Sirocco use precision bearings and 4 ply tires. Sirocco sails use RAF full batten sails with grid reinforcing. We use the best Harken hardware. Ruggedly constructed frame using 6061 AL. that is then hard coat anodized to protect it inside and out.