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Hull/Deck Joint Repair

Ok, how it got there doesn't matter but the amount of water even a small crack like this will let in in a short time is staggering. In Sunfish you will find sections of the hull deck joint like this under the aluminum rail in older boats. This is usually caused by failure in the adhesive. The repair method is the same.

Step 1: or you have to make it worse to make it better. First never except in an emergency and I will say it again never!!! put caulk on a problem like this. It won't last and will make the final repair even harder since you will have to get the old caulking out. Using a saw blade and or linolium knife, Dremil tool need to cut and scrape as much of the old adhesive out as you can get. If the glue is thick enough you can use a "zip" cutter for wallboard in a Dremil tool. If you need to, gently wedge open the break so you can get to the ends. (I in the New Yankee Workshop never do it by hand if you have a power tool fashion am using a Sawzall at slow speed.)

Step 2: (Not shown) Clear the old dust from the break. I like to use a shop vac with a small nozzle made even thinner with cardboard taped in place. Notice in the photo below that the glue is gone and the break is cleaned out.

Step 3: I have applied a coating of mold release to the top of the deck and the bottom of the hull. It is inevitable that some Epoxy will get squeezed onto those sufaces when I clamp them. The mold release will allow me to chip the epoxy right off after it has cured. Keep the mold release away from the the surfaces you will be gluing!

Step 4: Using a glue syringe I am injecting a mixture of epoxy and filler into the crack. Here I am using West System with silica and high density filler. Wrk your way along the crack and use aan old screw driver to help wedge it open. Make sure you completely fill the crack.

Step 5: Clamp the area firmly. You will notice that in the above I am using wood shims to distribute the pressure evenly along the repair. I have waxed the shims so that when I remove them they will not stick to the epoxy. Make sure you leave the clamps in place until the epoxy has completely cured.

Step 6: Remove the clamps and file the repair smooth. Any epoxy that got onto the hull and deck can be carefully scraped away at this time.


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