Dollies and Trailers

Voodoo Dollies


Make your sailing life easier with these aluminum launch carts. The frame is rugged, yet lightweight enough for easy transport.

All dollies are TIG welded aluminum to ensure durability in even the harshest sun and salt water  conditions.

The frames are sturdy 2 dia. 6061-T6 aluminum. Snubs are carefully fitted and mounted on welded fixtures so they can't slide around. Oversized tires make for easy rolling on soft surfaces.
The standard bow cleat means no more boat slippage!
Best of all, unlike the competition, they need almost no assembly. No struggling to fit pieces. Just four pins and you are off and running.

Sunfish $430.00

Butterfly $430.00

Laser $430.00

420 $530.00

V-15 $530.00

Optional Powder Coating $45.00

Tires: Sunfish, Butterfly, Laser standard with 12*300 run flat.  420 and V-15 dollars come standard with 15*600 pneumatic.  Large 18*6*6 tires can be added to any dolly for extra float.


Voodoo Dollies come with a two year limited warranty.