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How To....  Tips for small sailboat repair.

Welcome to our new "How To?' section.  This is the area where we post information on how to repair, maintain, and get the most out of your boat.  Please feel free to browse.  If you have a question that is not covered on this page, please feel free to Email me.  If it is common enough we will post the answer as part of this section.

(A little warning here.  Please feel free to link to this page.  The images and text on this page and the project pages are the exclusive property of Daniel Feldman & Wind Line Sails.  We catch anybody else ripping off our stuff, it will not only tick us off, but it will be followed by legal action.  If you would like to reprint information from this section, please Email.)

How to Buy a Used Sunfish

How to dry out your Sunfish.

How to install an inspection port.

Replacing your old style Sunfish rudder with the new style.

Fixing a Loose Foam Block in Your Sunfish Hull.

How to find that leak!

V15 Transom and Port Quarter Rail (Some basic fiberglass repair.)

Repairing a Split in a Hull/Deck Joint

Removing a Metal Sunfish Bailer

Quick way to make a wind indicator for your Sunfish

Sunfish Racing Sail Tuning Guide


Still need help.  Email me:  I enjoy answering questions.  Be warned!  If we are loaded with land sailers to build, it may take a few days for me to reply.