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Voodoo Dollies 

Small Boat Launch Carts


We make launch carts for a wide range of small boats.  All our dollies are constructed of 1/8" wall aluminum tube that is TIG welded to form the basic structure.  That means from the time you unwrap them to the time they are ready for use should be less than 5 minutes.  No wrestling with wrenches and no chasing cracked plastic parts.  All our dollies include a bow cleat so you can easily secure your boat.  Wheels vary from a 12-300 no flat to an 18-8 balloon for soft beaches.  All dollies come with a 1 year limited warrantee.


Sunfish $449

Butterfly $449.00

Barnett 1400 $449.00

Laser $449.00  add $30.000 for suspension arms

Force 5  $449.00

420 $550.00

V-15 $550.00

JY 14    $550.00

14' Alumicraft $500.00


Optional Powder Coating $35.00

DON'T SEE YOUR BOAT?  CALL US 847-327-9128  Or Email me

We have done quite a number of different dolly types over time. including dollies with tow hitches and special configurations for specific conditions.


Tires: Sunfish, Butterfly, Laser and Force 5 standard with 16*480 run flat.  420 and V-15 dollars come standard with 15*600 pneumatic.  Large 18*8*6 tires can be added to any dolly for extra float.