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Aircraft Parts and Accessories


 Aluminum Travel Chocks for Light Aircraft

7" Long by 1 1/2" High these powder coated chocks stack neatly for storage and are light enough to carry with you.  Stacked they take little room in your baggage area and the rubber edging provides extra grip on smooth surfaces.

1 Set $20.00  2 Sets $36.00 

Red or Yellow Powder Coating the price includes your N Number.






Custom Parts

Ever had that one part you want to build, but it was beyond your ability.  Tried the local welding shop and they wanted an arm a leg and your left ???

Give us a drawing and let us quote it for you.  We have done gear legs, engine mounts, heat muffs and aluminum tanks custom delrin bushings ETC.

Email to: or call the shop at 847-327-9128


Pedal Sets for a Fisher Horizon 1.  Rear pedals incorporated Heel Brakes for the AZUSA Mechanical brakes.

As beefy as these look they were half the weight of the pedals called out for in the plans.  More importantly they allow for differential braking.

Pedals with mechanical brakes $120.00 / Pair

Pedals with no bake $75.00 / Pair








 Outer Gear Legs converted from Aluminum to 4043 Steel.










  Custom Heat Muffs (pictured are for a VW)

 Heat muffs start at $45.00









Engine Mount for a Revmaster Engine.